Sunday, June 25, 2017

Uncle Jimmie

Uncle Jimmie
by Lloyd Lawry

Uncle Jimmie, Jimmie Armine Lawry, was born April 3, 1891, and died December 29, 1955. He went to the local grade school, but as far as I know, he never attended high school.

He spent his life as a farm laborer. For recreation, he loved to hunt and fish. He was always willing to take any of his nephews with him to fish or run his trap lines.

He served in France during World War I. Apparently, he served in a warehouse, and at least part of the time he helped handle bodies which were to be shipped back to the United States.

After the war, he was subject to long bouts of depression. He would stay in bed except for trips to the outdoor outhouse for weeks at a time, never eating unless food was brought to him. Evidently, he needed psychiatric care, but he never received it.

Apparently, over the years he loaned substantial amounts of money to various women and to a few men who never repaid him.

His life ended on a tragic note as a result of the continual trust in women, to whom he was romantically inclined. He had gone to Ft. Scott to take care of a woman's home and pets while she went on a vacation. When she came back, she brought a new husband with her.

As Jimmie hoped to marry her himself, he was horribly depressed, and went home and shot himself. It was tragic for a kind, gentle man who had suffered much from being used by people he loved and trusted.

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